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5 Ways To Increase Your Website Ranking in Search Engines

Optimizing for SEO is the process of increasing website traffic through a search a user makes on a search engine. Obviously, the higher you appear in search engine results, the more likely you are to see larger numbers of traffic frequenting your site. So the goal is to get to the top! Let's discuss a few ways to improve your position or ranking.

1. Page Titles

An ideal page title should include researched keywords to help you rank and induce people to view your page. The way search engines look at you page titles is based on your keywords and how well it matches the content of your page. You should aim to choose strong keywords and create text that is concise and compelling to read.

2. Meta Description Tags

A short paragraph that shows up under each clickable link, explaining the content of your page. Using Kapono Works as a reference, we can see that the meta description tag that shows up says ''Fine carpentry company that collaborates with homebuilders, top interior designers, home decorators, and homeowners on custom woodworking projects...''

By creating this meta description tag and using strong and relevant keywords, Kapono Works is telling viewers what their site is all about as is thoroughly explaining their website's offerings to make users want to click through to their site.

3. Website Structure

having a good website structure and well-organized content along with easy navigation, visitors can find what they're looking for in the place they expect it to be. Sitelinks are also helpful as they show up in search engine results under your main listing, and showcase some of the internal links on your page.

4. URL navigation

Best practices for URLs include: the use of hyphens as a separator between words; short and easy to read.

5. Anchor texts, heading tags and images

Anchor text is a clickable text in a hyperlink. Ir usually shows up in an article that takes you to a link for another website or another spot on the web. A good anchor text that will have best SEO would say''Kapono Works'' rather than 'Click here for more info.''

The heading tag on a website is the title of a post, article, or even the name of a product or service. Using fewer heading tags on a page and implementing text that uses strong keywords to help identify your business will make you rank higher as a result.

You can even optimize images to improve your website's overall performance. Obviously, using an image that is relevant to the topic of the page is crucial. Other than that, making sure the photo is not too large and loads easily, and implementing text that is relevant to that image are also very important. That can be done on the name of the image itself, the alt-text that search engines read to understand your photo's context, and the description and caption of the photo itself.

There are many tricks to improve and optimize your website for SEO. Kapono Works is a client of Fabiloux Digital Marketing. If you need assistance enhancing your website ranking within search engines, contact us now.

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