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Two Essential Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

Do you ever wonder how you can get more people to visit your website? Increasing conversion rates helps a business gain more potential customers and maintain current customers.

Imagine that you're the owner of a small clothing store. On a daily basis, you get lots of customers walking in and out of your door, trying on clothes and checking out your sales. But, for the past few weeks, sales went down. You start brainstorming possible things to do to improve the number of sales. Maybe you decide to move the sales rack closer to the front of the store and freshen up the fitting room area with modern chairs and a bigger mirror.

Conversion Rate Optimization, sometimes abbreviated as CRO, is a similar concept, but on a digital level. It is simply moving things around on your website to enhance your audience's overall experience. Just like you would with the sales rack and the fitting rooms in your store. CRO should not be confused with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which improve a website's ranking when users are searching through search engines.

Whether increasing sales or brand awareness is part of your business goals, learning how to utilize Conversion Rate Optimization to meet business strategies is a crucial part of a marketing strategy. Two essential ways to increase conversion rate are researching relevant keywords that will bring more traffic to your website, and testing different elements within your site to define which works best for you.


When optimizing conversion rate, it is essential to choose the right keywords. Making sure ads and web pages are accurate and relevant are also critical. Make use of Persuasion Marketing to grab your customers emotions by using engaging text in headlines and website copy. Words like 'urgent,' 'unique' and 'limited' can call a reader's attention and make them want to learn more. Customers, once they want something, are likely to get it for fear of losing out on the benefits of the product or service.

A/B Testing

When the conversion rate is low, A/B testing should be used. A/B testing is the act of comparing two different versions of a website to determine which one is working better. It allows a company to test titles, links, images, different content, and different keywords to decide which website will attract the most visitors. This is a great way to figure out why the conversion rate is so low, and what can be changed to make the website conversion more efficient.

An increase in conversions of your website visitors should lead to an overall better performance for business, such as increased ROI, which is the amount of return you get relative to the money invested. Other than that, find your online issues and study the data around them. Are there webpages with broken links? How are your customers using your mobile website? Is your website loading quickly? Analyze your results and continue to make modifications. Make your online presence concise, user-friendly and up-to-date and you will certainly succeed in your online strategy.

Do you need help increasing your website visitors?

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